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HUNBL-132 A New Student Who Came To Drink At The House Of A Rape

There is few realistic CNC porn in japan, but the video HUNBL-132 is among the best one. The story take place in a house where some young peoples have a party. But the three girls don’t know that the guys scheme their rape during the night.

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What I love in this video is the rough and raw brutality of the actors. There hunt the women who are surprised and desesperate. A really good acting, among the best on all JAV movies you could see.

Three girls with different aspect, but one of them is super hot and busty, the famous Hoshikawa Mai. Her scenes are really goods, I think the best of all her career.

But other not known actresses do also a good job.

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[HUNBL-132] A New Student Who Came To Drink At The House Of A Rape Circle Chased Around The House And Raped And Welcomed It

The men assault the girls at the video research circle’s welcome party for new students! Girls who take sleeping medications and booze to sleep and are bewildered by intense sexual harassment! Adorable girls sprint about the house, only to be apprehended and raped right away! Ji Po, who mercilessly pierces the back of the throat! big injection utilizing Ma Kobir! Robust Conclusion, Repeated Cream Pies, Bukkake! She will always be found and fucked like a toy, no matter how far she manages to flee.

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