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Chikan sex is one of the most common JAV porn in old days. Now in the recent production they are fewer of them. The reason is because it became a real social problem in public transport.

So studios decide to change plot to avoid citizen critic, and now you have more teacher CNC porn. Like this recent video with Julia rape as teacher. Would we see in futur new HD chikan porn ?… I don’t think, opinion is really hard with pornography today.

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Can I find more video in this kind ?

I’ll post more videos from gropedasians, and others similar site in future. But you can also create some plot in video game like Playhome from Illusion. But as I said upper, those kind of fantasies will disapear with time.

Maybe in decade they will come back, as all puritanism cycle. We ban something because it’s immoral, but as it allow to gain money, we close our eyes.

When men will manage to keep their hand and dick in the good place, maybe the public opinion will change about CNC movies. But until that moment just enjoy chikan sex videos !

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What is my favorite chikan sex videos ?

I’ll share you my top twos !!! One is an AMWF and the other is a most classic japanese videos.

From our partner site, this video is incredible with the ultra hot Harumi Asano
My favorite chikan sex of the NHDTA Los Angeles series.

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