Homeless rape the poor wife Kanna Misaki GNAX-033

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Homeless rape is a common fantasy, poor isolated men that can’t fuck just get by force some sexual pleasure. It’s a really common fantasy in Japan, you can see many porn video with this plot. Like this rape madness with Yuma Asami, fucked by poor men.

Sadly, there is also a lot of crime in reality, such as the case in the USA where poor women trusted a homeless person and he raped them. Never trust a men who didn’t fuck since long time !

Two Homeless rape a wife in her home
Housewife rape by a homeless in a JAV porn

Two dirty men enter in her house to rape her

The story is about two homeless guys wandering around. They find an opening in Kanna Misaki house, and wait for the lonely wife to come back to assault her.

It’s been so long that they didn’t touch the smooth skin of a pretty woman. Their tongue and hand can’t stop touching her body with lust and sexual appetite. But her nightmare will not end with this assault, tied and prisonner of her own home, the youngest homeless will keep forcing her.

There is no end to his sexual desire, until he break her mind and she love it. Because in the end of the video she seem to love it ! Be careful that never happen in reality, this is Japanese pornographic fantasy. Forcing a woman in sex will only cause trauma.

But Japanese are really into forced sex porn like any other countries in the world.

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