Mia Malkova oral sex with her boss – YMDD-031

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This second movie of the american beauty, this time Mia Malkova oral will make you hard. With her first movie as a naive tourist, this time she play the naive secretary.

She get blocked in a hostel room, where her boss push and blackmail her for sex.

Mia Malkova tits sucking
Mia Malkova tits sucking

In Japan, Mia Markova’s forced oral sex is very popular, she made three films, all very good. This is the first on this page, the others (and the best) will be updated later. The plot is different here, she plays the secretary of a rich Japanese man, but he doesn’t hire her for her talent…

Ever since he first saw her, he had longed to fuck and touch her naked body. Today is a good time, she has no choice, as a foreigner, if she complains, all her hard work will be in vain… The devil’s blackmail

Boss forced his secretary for oral sex
Boss forced his secretary for oral sex

Her boss clearly abuse of his power

This may seem like a Monica Lewinsky story, but it’s very different because poor Mia disagrees…she came to Japan looking for a good job and salary When Mr. Kojiro hired her, she recounted the best day of her life. But the reality is crueler and crueler than you can imagine… The guy never wanted her talent, he always wanted a blonde, but it’s rare in Japan…

When this beautiful young blonde was looking for a job, he saw the best opportunity of his life. One day they will have to travel together and that will be the perfect moment to force them to have sex. Upon reaching the hotel room, he shoves her against a wall and she tries to defend herself, but the shock is too great.

“Please Mr. Kojiro, you are married, we cannot and do not want to have sex with you…”

“Shh, my wife will never know…and you want to keep this job? So please keep this moment a secret and be kind, I’ll be gentle.”

“You’re so beautiful I can’t keep my dick from ejaculating”

First, he touches and sucks her tits, they are so beautiful and natural, he has never tasted such delicious boobs. Then he takes a sex toy and slides it into her vagina, no amount of humiliation can stop him. All the perversions he can’t do because of his social status will fall on poor Mia. She feels sick but nothing will stop until he cums in her mouth… being forced to blowjob ends up being the worst job of her life…

Japanese guy grope beautifulll blonde
Japanese guy grope beautifulll blonde

We all love all JAV forced porn with this actress

Just the blowjobs are a bit of a change, but the Japanese made blowjob scenes are really good. Unfortunately, most of them are wasted due to censorship, and this is one of them. But this movie is still a must see and I think many will rate it highly!

Mia Malkova oral sex in JAV porn
Mia Malkova oral sex in JAV porn

She’s really a godess of oral sex scene !

The actor is really good, his perversion can be felt throughout the rape scene. But Mia Malkova is really perfect, I love her look of disgust, you can feel how betrayed and shocked she is by the situation.

And the fact that she’s a beautiful woman makes the scene even more intense, as the rapist is full of lust. One of the best scenes is when he sucks on her tits and begs to stroke them. Blowjobs are great too, especially when he cums all the way into her mouth.

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