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A western girl with nice ass chikan video

Here a new video for those who love nice ass chikan. It’s not a common production from this studio. Usualy it’s only asians girl who are molested, I think it’s the only one with a western girl.

That will open the way to the natural high chikan, that will be shared later.

That girl got what japanese girl don’t have… A round bubble ass like men love !

nice ass chikan JAV video
nice ass chikan JAV video
Western nice ass chikan porn
Western nice ass chikan porn

My favorite from GropedAsians

Thos kind of AMFW movies are rare in the site gropedasians, and that sad. Why ? Because this video is one of the best. The actress is super hot with her nice ass, one of the best in CNC porn.

The doggystyle is perfect, as the lust put in this AV.

What make a good japanese porn ?

I think the plot, and the setup ! Most western pornographic are too much straight. Only the fuck is important and the size of tits or dick.

In asian porn, as it’s censured, the most important is the acting. AV actors and actress are real stars and idols there. They are always serious in their work, that why they JAV are so popular all over the world.

western girl forced to suck asian guys
western girl forced to suck asian guys
gangbang doggystyle in sub
gangbang doggystyle in sub

Does asian women have better ass than western girl ?

Really depend of your taste, but mostly Asian girl got flat butt. That can be also the case for western girl, but not latina actress.
I think this actress is a mixed latina, when you see her curvy shape.

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